Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I've Been MIA!! Sorry

Have you been wondering where I have been? Me too! Hahaha

It has been a whirlwind of activity in June & July. First off my son graduated from high school in June. That was HUGE!! and so very fun. What an accomplishment for all of us. After graduation there where parties and more parties.

Then it was 1 month until he was to leave for West Point Military Academy. We used that month to get him ready and us too.

When July rolled around it was time to send him off to New York...and with him went my heart! Never, ever did I think that this would be sooo hard. I balled my eyes out when we got home from the airport. The next week was a fog. I didn't know what to do with myself. But slowly things have gotten better.

My husband, who has brain cancer, has also been struggling. We thought we were gonna lose him because the tumors started to grow again and the swelling was really affecting him. But praise God this new treatment we have been doing the last 6 weeks has given him energy, more clarity and more time.

We head back to NY for Dalton's graduation from boot camp in August. My goal with the new Idea book (It is fabulous!!) is to get back to creating and posting on my blog.

So thank you for your patience and please look for artwork to be posted in the next few weeks. More to come after August 18th after I'm back from NY

Enjoy your day