Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Mornings ...

Ugh! It's Monday and another week is here.

I have never been a morning person, just ask my siblings. When I was younger I hated to get up in the morning. My Mom would come in my room several times before I knew by "that tone" in her voice that it was time or else!

Fast forward 40+ years and "BAM", I'm a morning person. Not only does my body, or aches, wake me up but then I have this cat that head butts me 'cause it's time for his treats. Jasper, the cat, was a Valentine's gift from my husband Duke. When Duke was serving a weekend with the Army reserves down at Joint Base Lewis McChord there was a gal who rescued all the animals who were left when their owners deployed for the desert.

Duke came home with a picture of this cat on his phone. He said "Let's just go down and look at the cat." Yeah, right. I see an animal and I want to take it home with me. So we set off the next weekend to "see" the cat.

This long hair, 15 lbs, orange with an attitude cat came out. He had been left when his owners separated and then the man was deployed to Iraq. He lived outside for several months until it got too cold then the gal felt sorry for him and took him inside. She had 4 dogs and 6 cats....several too many for the rules on post.

So Jasper came home with us. He rode on my lap all the way home. No scratching, no hissing, just alot of shedding. That's when I realized that Jasper was a dog in a cat's body!

4 years later I still have Jasper. He is the easiest thing to have around except for the hair and his desire for his wet food in the morning. He will head butt me while I lay in bed if I don't get up to get him his food. If it wasn't so irritating it would be funny...okay, it's alittle funny!

Enjoy your day!

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