Monday, June 30, 2014

Going, Going...Soon To Be Gone

Retiring Items

B1426 Pick a Posey
B1426 $9.95
C1510 Merry & Bright
C1510 $13.95
C1563 Cityscape
C1563 $13.95
D1483 Glory To God
D1483 $17.95
D1514 Just A Number
D1514 $17.95
D1551 Swirls Around
D1551 $17.95
D1557 Candyland
D1557 $17.95
D1564 Maximum Power
D1564 $17.95
Z1760 Burlap Ribbon
Z1760 $7.95
Z1832 Spinner
Z1832 $4.95
Z1867 Jute Ribbon
Z1867 $7.95

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