Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Uncle Butch

I love to go to the swap meet at the Aloha Staduim when we are in Hawaii. It is full of vendors with local stuff, tourist stuff and food stuff! The swap meet wraps around the parking lot of the staduim and you just keep going round and shopping.Deciding that since we were "in town" we would go up to see my Uncle Butch when we were done at the swap meet and visit with him for awhile.
So up to Aiea we went. It has been a few years since I had been up to his house but we found our way to Aiea Heights rd and up we went. Uncle lives in his parents old house just below the park at the top of the hill. He has a spectacular view of Pearl Harbor.
We walked around the house and viewed all the work he has been doing on the place. Including looking at his garden. He has pineapples growing in a bucket and he picked one & gave it to Dalton. We took it home and the boys had it the next day with their breakfast. It was soooo sweet & ono...that means delicious!
This Studio J layout uses a pattern of paper that is only available to members. The "paper" is called Manmade and is wonderfully masculine. It features manly stickease like wrenches & hammers but I love the texture of the paper for the pineapple. Funny how you can use things in a different way in Studio J but they look right, and so much Faster. Simpler. Easier!
Enjoy your day!