Saturday, January 7, 2012

16 Years and Counting......

              I am celebrating 16 years with the best company
                                 in the whole, wide world!

16 years ago I went to my first stamp party at my Aunt's house. When she invited me to her party I wondered why anyone would have a "stamp" party. I was thinking postage stamps, like what you put on an envelope to mail something. Back then there weren't craft or scrapbooking stores. Imagine my surprise when the demonstrator started showing this amazing product and making fabulous cards.

That was the start of a wonderful career for me with Close To My Heart, though when I joined the company it was called D.O.T.S. I joined the company just for the discount and it has turned into an opportunity to make some extra cash, meet wonderful people and share my art.

I love the direction the company has taken all these years and look forward to many more.

To celebrate my anniversary I am offering a special this month. With any order placed this month I will gift you with 16% off your order!! No minimum, no maximum!! All orders must be placed with me through email or phone. Online orders will not qualify for the discount. So send me your order and I'll apply the discount for you!!

Enjoy your day!!!

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