Monday, May 30, 2011

Woodinville Lacrosse Division II Champions!!

It was a gorgeous day at Memorial Stadium where Woodinville Lacrosse played Sammamish lacrosse. Both teams were undefeated this season and I was really nervous, actually sick to my stomach, about the match up. As the boys were making their way down to the locker room there was a "lady" behind me who said to those around her, "should we boo?"!!! I was shocked and turned around and said, "Please don't!". Needless to say, Duke came back alittle later and told me we would have to move. I asked why and he said he could tell I was alittle "agitated". Me? Agitated?! Fine, we moved with my lax friends.
The game started and a bunch of Dalton's friends from school joined us. It was so sweet that the kids came downtown during Folk Life Festival to watch Dalton play. We cheered, screamed (or was that just me?), and jumped up & down watching the game.
Half time came with the score 6-5. We were ahead but not enough. The boys were calm, effective and played their game. The defense was amazing!! They can make or break Dalton's job. And what a job he did. Sammamish took 21 shots on goal & Dalton stopped 14. Whew!
Game ended Woodinville 10 Sammamish 7
Now we head into football tomorrow....

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