Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Football Camp 2011

Ahhh, summer! There is nothing like it. And finally it seems to have arrived to the NW. With summer means the end of school, camps, vacations and LOTS of pictures. I'm not sure what I would do without Studio J for my scrapbooking. I honestly don't have time for classic scrapbooking of all my pictures.
Studio J to the rescue!! You may wonder what I like best. Honestly I think it's the ease & convenience of not having to have my pictures printed. Also that Studio J will resize my pics for me. I can zoom in, focus on a particular part of the pic, or put it in a big photo well and 'viola' it's big. No having to order different size prints, wait for them to arrive then sit down, pulling out all my "stuff" and then create a fabulous layout.
Nope, I sit in the family room with my laptop while the family watches TV and play! I love it!
Every summer the football team heads off to a week of camp to bond as a team, practice, learn plays and have fun. This year was no different.
My son is an upcoming senior this year so this will be the last camp for him. It's amazing to see these young men lose their inhibitions and just have fun. No need to be all macho. They were just being themselves...which is the best way to be!
Enjoy the day!

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