Monday, June 6, 2011


Every year our church, Overlake Christian Church, has summer camp for our high schoolers on houseboats. They load the kids up on a Monday morning onto school buses and they drive for 9 hrs to Canada. Once there they divide the kids onto 3 to 4 houseboats with girls on one, boys on another then usually the seniors on the last one. They spend the whole week enjoying the hot (sometimes) weather, the beautiful lake & studying God's word in the beauty of His creation. Now, they didn't have camp like that when I was a kid but I wish they had!! The kids have a blast! They pull up to shore in the evening and last year they had a game of "capture the flag" in the woods, in the dark and with full contact take downs. When Dalton was describing it I was glad that I wasn't playing...he LOVED it!!
These pics that I used at Boot Camp with CTMH were ones I tagged off Facebook. The large pic was blurring when I grabbed it but I love it too much not to use it. One the opposite page I turned a photo well into a journaling box.
Do you sometimes not want to use a picture because it's blurry? My friend, Amy, told me that she encourages people to use these pics because "that's real life"...I totally agree!!
Enjoy the day!

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