Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Most Valuable Defensive Player Layout with Free .JPG

We top a perfect lacrosse season (18-0) with a party for the team at Cottage Lake. The day was beautiful, the lake was gorgeous and the boys had a blast. As Coach Moliter started handing out awards I was shocked that Dalton was named Most Valuable Defensive Player!! You may wonder why I was surprised that my son, whom I brag about alot on this blog, was named MVP.
You need to understand that Goalies are a rare breed. They stand in a cage with a stick that looks like a fishing net and try to stop balls that are being rocketed at them. They then have seconds to get that ball off to one of their teammates or be slammed by the opponent.
Dalton loves this! He thrives on it and is pretty good at it too. I guess the Coach sees this too.
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