Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Day on Dr. G's Boat

Let me first say, I get seasick on the ocean. I love lakes but when it comes to going on a boat in the ocean I'd rather have hives! That said, I'd do just about anything for my family.
Fast forward to being in Hawaii with my family and being invited out onto my old boss' boat for the day. UGH!
But my son and his buddy, I knew, would have sooo much fun. So onto the boat we went.
We left Ala Moana yacht club at 8:30 in the morning. It was sunny, calm and I was optimistic. As we head out I'm thinking " I can do this. I feel good." As we head to Diamond Head the waves aren't bad, I'm doing okay. We get past Diamond Head towards Coco Head and I'm thinking "Uh-oh!"
As the doughnuts get past around my mouth starts to water in not a good way. I love doughnuts but I know that if I eat one I'll be feeding the fish.
As the boat turns back towards Waikiki it is really choppy and the boat is going up & down, side to side...and with it my stomach.
Now, everyone else is great. Laughing, talking, asking us about our lives. The two boys are down in the berths sleeping. My husband is looking at my like "Are you okay?". I'm looking back at him like " NO!!". Then paste a smile on my face and try not to swallow.
We anchor off Waikiki and now that's better. Calmer. Stomach quesy but still where it should be.
Boys loved the NINE hour day on the boat. Me? I'll never go on another boat...unless it would be fun for my family. Then, I'll go too....
Enjoy the day!

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