Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Family & Friends

Have I told you how I love Studio J? Are you still skeptical? I'm totally sold on the ease and versatility that Studio J offers. Now don't get me wrong, I still love classic scrapbooking but I have gotten more layouts done with Studio J than ever before.
Why you wonder? I think for me it's the hassle of getting my pictures printed. They are never the right size, I may want to enlarge or focus on something specific in the picture or something like that. With Studio J I don't have to worry because it does it for me.
I can also work on my laptop with my family in the same room. When I scrapbook with paper my family doesn't want to be anywhere near me...I can't understand why? Don't they love the smell, feel of all my paper? Arent' they excited to see accessories flying everywhere? Geez, I thought everyone loved that. Are you in agreement with my boys? Don't want the "mess" of classic scrapbooking? Then Studio J is for you. Check it out on my website at www.lisacombs.myctmh.com > Studio J.
Enjoy the day!

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