Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Meet Angus

Meet Angus. This is my tri-color Pomeranian who is 6 years old. This year we hosted the families July 4th celebration. Normally we go to someone elses house and we don't subject our animals to all the noise. But this year we had everyone to our house and the dogs, cat, goats, and chickens did great.
Now Angus is my dog. He is loyal and totally pig headed. We say that he has the "Napolean" complex. You know, little man who doesn't think he is little. But I'm telling you when he looks at you his mouth always looks like he is smiling. Which makes me smile!
Studio J gives me the ability to take a small picture of a small dog and increase the size and viola'....big Angus.
Enjoy the day!

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