Friday, November 11, 2011

A Big Thank You to My Veteran

You've met my son, Dalton. Now meet my husband, Duke. Now Duke is not his given name but it is the name that everyone knows him by.

Duke felt called to give back 3yrs ago and the place he felt called back to was the Army. When we were first married he was in the service and after 5 1/2 yrs he got out. We been living life but now we add a weekend every month with the Army.

Dalton is feeling the pull of the military too. He was always GI Joe for Halloween and has always been intrigued with weapons & strategy. So he is applying to West Point Military Academy. We are praying God will place him in the perfect college and trusting in that.

To all veterans I say Thank You for your sacrifice & service to this worderful nation!
Hug a Vet today and give them a big Thank You.

Enjoy your day!

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