Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hand Rolled Roses

Did you ever wonder what we did before the Cricut? We went old school to make roses and hand rolled them. This is a card I made for convention inspired by Jeanette Lynton, our founder & CEO of Close To My Heart.

Using only cardstock I cut 3 circles, one 4" and two 3". Starting from the outside of the circle I spiral cut with my scissors into the center. Once my circle is spiral cut I then rolled the paper starting from the outside of the circle inwards. I roll the paper around the one of my finishing files just to make it easier. Once I've hit the center of the flower & use Liquid glass to glue the flower down.

The leaves are just cut from cardstock then run through my crimper. Remember that tool? It is sure handy to have, too bad we don't still have something like it in the Idea Book.

A simple thank you finishes off the card or on some I used Happy Birthday.

Enjoy your day!

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