Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Making Cookies

I always take pictures. It's kinda my thing. But this is the first time I've taken pics of the day we do our holiday baking. Not sure why I never thought of it before....duh!

In Studio J I used the Believe paper packet and the Stickease that come with it. I will admit this isn't my favorite Christmas paper packet CTMH has ever come out with. But this paper was perfect for these pictures.

My sister and niece ham it up for the camera. It actually took a few shots to get my niece to smile for the camera. What is it about teenagers? Why can't they just smile normal for a picture? Oh yeah, that's right...they are teenagers! Ugh! But she is an amazing young woman, except when we want to take pictures, and she is going to be a good baker. Poor thing, this year she was the designated "ball roller". It seemed that all the cookies she helped with entailed making round balls out of the dough. By the end of the day it was the running joke...poor Steph!

My nephew was a trooper. He put up with his Mom & me, and kept everyone on track.

Enjoy your day!

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