Saturday, December 3, 2011

Windsor Knot

Way back in October was Homecoming. It seems so long ago.

Dalton decided he wanted to learn how to tie a Windsor knot in his tie. So out came the iphone and u-tube to the rescue. I'm still amazed at the videos out there. Seems like you can find one for just about anything. And yes, there are several on how to tie a Windsor knot.

While in his bathroom watching the video and tying the tie, I was snapping pictures. Dalton has gotten used to me and my camera. Not that he always appreciates it but too bad! The dogs also were watching him so I snapped a picture of Angus while I was at it.

I used the Roxie paper packet, believe it or not. I love this packet and I think it looks good! I used the Stickease and created my own colleague and layered over some of the sentiments.

Isn't he handsome? Thanks, I think so too!

Enjoy your day!

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