Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Halloween Circle Card

                                                       Created by Janice Hodgkins

Do you get the hebe-jebes when you look at this card? Good! Then it has done it's job.

This is October and the spider are definitely coming out to play. They are creating beautiful webs on everything and everywhere, especially in my house! Ugh!! But I know it's fall when I run into them in my yard and see there creations is the high corners of my house.

Using a pattern from Wishes this Merry Go Round card is made using the Mischief paper packet, All Hallows Eve stamp set (C1462) and the Charmed Background stamp set (D1490). A few additions from Mini-Medley Black (Z1393) & Colonial White (Z1276) with a Fondry Ribbon Slide (Z1460) to finish it off. Spooky...

Enjoy your day!

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