Monday, October 10, 2011

Senior Blessing

Every year in September the high school kids go up to Cedar Springs camp for a spiritual retreat. It is a wonderful time of bonding and growing closer to God & each other.

For the seniors, this is their year!! And with that comes a monthly blessing from their parents. Since Dalton is my only child I want to participate in everything available this year. So late their 1st night we waited at a McDonald's until we got the text that the kids were off for pizza in a nearby town. Then we jumped in our cars armed with balloons, steamers and lots of energy to decorate the cabins. After fumbling our way to their cabins in the dark, lots of laughter and reminiscing over the last several years we got the blessing done.

Since their class color is Orange...I know, not many people look good in orange but oh well! we decorated with everything orange. In their treat got it, oranges-cheetos-orange pop-candy pumpkins. It was so fun and the kids loved it.

Studio J made this layout Faster. Simpler. Easier. Did you know that you can put in a brad, copy & paste it several times and move the whole lot them together? A fast way to take a large embellishment and use it over & over.

Enjoy your day!

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