Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sharpie Tattoo

When Dalton got this sharpie tattoo from his buddy Scottie I posted the picture. After the high school houseboat trip with church the kids posted pics on Facebook. I went in and grabbed the pictures. Since they are copied they showed a yellow warning symbol when I was doing this Studio J layout. What the yellow warning symbol shows on your picture or on an element you've made bigger, what it means is that the resolution may be noticeable.
Knowing this in advance I didn't care because I loved the pictures and wanted to save them in a layout. When I zoomed in on the pics I didn't think they looked bad, so I used them.
If you have pictures that are slightly out of focus but they are the only ones you have, use them!! That is real life. We can't always have perfect pictures but we still want to capture and remember the event. Same goes with a layout. We can't always have it just perfect but having it done is better than having the picture in a box somewhere where you can't enjoy it.
So as they say "Just do it!"
Enjoy the day!

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